Another one..

Here she is beautiful, Amazing, talented, helpful and doing her part in building a great next generation.

My name is Annietjie. I am a super mom of three and a granny of one cutest boy. I do not call myself a single mom, my kids were raised by three other moms besides me, my mom and my two sisters. I am not married and we live in Tembisa.

I would describe myself as,

Loving, Caring and Funny.

Motherhood has taught me to love without reservations, to love without conditions, to accept that each child is unique and deserves to be loved the way they are.

My relationships has taught me to love and accept myself first, to do what pleases me first…to understand me first before I can try to understand and love another person.

Life has taught me not to take myself for granted. I am able. I can. I am gifted in my own way!

My biggest achievement is I started a book club for kids which I started on the 1st of May 2019 in my home.

Advice for other moms or women would be, Do you…set aside time to do what pleases you the most!!

An animal I relate to,would be a hare…It is cuddly and energetic.

2 goals I have for 2019 would be, Opening a book club, done… and going back to school, still to do.

I asked my son to describe me and his response,

Inspiring, determined and caring.

There she is, another strong woman that’s not only being good to herself but also being good to the next generation.