Here she is another beautiful, talented and Amazing mama..

My name is Khayakazi Hawala-Sibanda, I am 27 years of age turning 28 on the 12 of November this year. I am a mother of 1 daughter who passed away in 2014 after a couple of hours being born. I am a mother to my 10 years old baby sister.I am happily married for 1 year and 9 months, to my handsome husband Norman Hawala-Sibanda.

If I had to describe myself in 3 words, it would be:

God-fearing/God loving


Wow! I have learned that being a mother is the best gift in life, regardless of the circumstance you just have to embrace it. Living in the moment that you have, and just be at peace.
Enjoy the time that you have in life.

Marriage has taught me to love unconditionally, respect, forgive, and mostly communicate about anything and everything with your partner. Understanding that no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistake.

Some life lessons I have learnt would be humanity is greater than status, walk your own path, don’t compete with anyone. Don’t judge people by what they may look like at that moment, life can change at any given time and lastly don’t take life for granted every minute counts therefore make good use of it.

My biggest achievement as a woman would be, Going back to my studies.

My advice to other moms or women is be yourself, love yourself remember you can only do good to others if you feel good about yourself. Don’t pressurize yourself with anything. Don’t compete with other women, wives or mothers but learn from them, learn from their experiences and you will definitely make it in life. Above all put God first in everything because with him ALL things are possible.

The animal I relate to is an Elephant because I am a leader, I am unstoppable and have a good memory.

The person I relate to in the bible is Hannah, never giving up on having my Samuel.
The 2 things I am looking forward to in 2019 would be, Completing my full qualification in Banking and buying my first car.

I’ve asked my partner to describe me in 3 words;

Short Tempered


Like stressing a lot


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