What do you wish?


What is the one thing you wish your kids do not inherit from you 🤔

Ever thought about it?

I definitely have, 2 things I do not want my kids to inherit would be my bad eye sight which I inherited from my mother and my grandfather.

The second one seems they already do. I am very hygiene conscious because I am a sweater, this I inherited from my dad.

My kids all use underarm because they have tbe sweating gene, I have had the conversation with them so they can understand.

For Rob, he says he doesn’t want the kids to have his allergies and his asthma this is something he picked when he was young while living in Wentworth, Durban. He really suffered badly with these growing up.

Then, he also has a skin condition which he picked up when he moved from Durban to Johannesburg. Which is dry and reddish.

What are yours?

Do share…