Our next MCM (Mom Crush Monday) is a beautiful, vibrant, calm, gentle and talented mama who I had the honour of meeting last year during the Mrs Remarkable pageant at our church.

Here she is…💜

My name is Jabulile Twala, born and bred in Soweto. I have one beautiful daughter who is my replica and I have 4 grandchildren 1 grandson and 3 granddaughters.
Am I married? “I am very clever, I’m not”… just kidding no I am not married, yet I’m happily involved.

I would describe myself as, Compassionate Courageous and God loving.

Motherhood has taught me that I’m far from being perfect, I can learn from a younger person. It taught me to be more patient and the art of forgiveness.

Marriage or relationships has taught me to love myself first not to expect someone to love me more than I love myself, otherwise I put an unfair burden on that particular individual.
Life lesson I’ve learnt is to take time to appreciate everyone in life. If you love someone, tell them.
If you care about someone tell them. You will never know when it is the last time you’ll see someone. Life is too short. Do not take anyone for granted.

My biggest achievement as a woman is, raising my daughter to be a God fearing woman. Most of all raising her to be able to handle marriage.😘

My advice to the woman or mom who desires to get married, I might probably sound controversial but please note that you have more to lose when you make that commitment so you need to be sober when making this particular commitment of marriage. The moment you say “I do” you leave your family, your surname, and some even leave their purpose to join with him, and everything he is about so that you can multiply what he is about. Be sure about your decisions. To what are you going to submit to? What will you be supporting? What will you be incubating? Don’t settle for less. You deserve a man, a King who is worthy of your glory. If you are married, fight for your marriage. Being alone is not being lonely.

If I could to be an animal, I would definitely wanna be a Tigress. Why? Because it is Loyal and beautiful. Those who try to hurt me will regret getting in my way.

The person I relate to in the bible is, Queen Esther the Goddess who had a good timing when Vashti refused to do the dance for the King, she used the opportunity and found glory from the King.

In 2019, I am looking forward to renovating my dwellings and New wheels 🤔

When I asked someone to describe me this was their response.
She’s a genuinely a sweet and kind person, a great listener, great sense of humour.. She is ageless, doesn’t take life too seriously.. Most of all,
She brightens my day with her smile.

And their we have it, another beautiful mom. Thank you Jabs for allowing me to crush on you.

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