#Momsspillthetea ☕

Part 2 is a video done by our second mom.

You can check out her video on my YouTube page.

Below is a little insight on this Amazing, beautiful and super talented mom.

Our second mom is Tanya, a mindset and transformation coach and personal development blogger.

She is married to her husband of almost 3 years and best friend from college. Together, they live with their 14-month-old daughter and dog.

Personal development books, coffee, and weekends with no plans are a few of her favorite things. She’s spent the majority of her life feeling misguided and unaligned. Her inner truth has been covered by fear and self-doubt.

She once hired a coach, everything changed for her. She has transformed into an action taker who lives her truth each day. Through coaching, blogging, and engaging with others, she strives to empower women to do the same and live their truth boldly and confidently.

It’s easy to ignore what is in your core, but she aims to Inspire women to get in touch with who they are and live their truth beyond the mom.

For more inspiration and ideas, check out her blog and Instagram page!

She is also currently offering free coaching sessions as a gift to those who are interested in digging into their core and gaining clarity on their desires and goals.

If you have lots of ideas and need help with finding clarity and confidence to take action, this is her specialty and she would love to chat with you.

Send her amessage, e-mail, or sign up for a session directly through the link in her Instagram bio.

Her links are below: