Here she is, the absolutely beautiful, Amazing, funny, born stunner and Incredible human being who I am honoured to know and to show some love. ❤ Our Easter Monday Mom Crush.

Hi, my name is Lourez Kaas most call me Lou. I am 31 going on 32 hooray.

I am from a Town called Reiger Park, I have 2 beautiful princesses named Taliyah and Taima TT. I am married to the most amazing man alive Benjamin, and we will be 6 years old on the 27th April whoop whoop…

If I had to describe myself in 3 words, it would be:

Hard-working, Outspoken and Honest

Motherhood has taught me, to laugh more, play bare feet to kiss and hug longer to sing in the rain, to forgive, to hold back and to sit and watch the birds and it’s okay to cry now and then.

Marriage has taught me, to forgive more, to trust, to love and to compromise a lot to know that it’s okay to age and to Trust in God and let Him lead and guide the both of you.

Some life lessons I have learnt are, to never give up, never change the person you are just because someone can not see your value. Learn to love more and hate less. To try be more understanding and to stop taking yourself so serious no one else does.
Relax and rest if you must it’s okay.

My biggest achievement as a woman, would be, being able to help other women become more than what they believe they would be to follow and live their dreams.

My advice to other mom’s, wives and women would be, You are more than enough in love, life and career. Youneed only start, no matter where you are or what you think you are. You only need to fix your crown and get back up and try again.


If you could be any animal, I would want to be an Eagle.The eagle uses the wind to soar above the clouds no matter how strong that wind is. It uses it to its advantage and it knows to go high you need to endure the climb, such is life we need to use our hurt and pain as the wind to fly above the clouds.

The person I relate to in the bible would be Ruth. I had to leave all I know to start an amazing new chapter in a foreign land. I had to take the hurt and pain and build something amazing.

The 2 things I look forward to most in 2019 are, my birthday and Growth in all areas of my life.

When I asked my husband to describe me in just 3 words,

His response, Committed, Driven and Friendly.

Thank you Lou for giving me the opportunity to just love on you.

Yet another mom I get to show some love. Let us continue to support andnspire each other.

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