Welcome home.

Welcome home…

Most people will just see the video and not read or understand the journey.

Here is the journey.

In 2007, we lost our home, yes we lost it.
A home not everyone was happy we had. People (family and friends) had a lot of negative things to say when we moved into our home and when we lost it. Rob and I carried the loss, no support or love shown toward us but that was a blessing in disguise.
That loss taught us that not everyone in your boat is for you, it taught us that we only have each other and that sometimes you need to keep quiet about what is going on in your life and just let people know or see once it is done.

In the beginning of this year, we decided that as a family we were going to set fire to 2019, we declared that everything that the devil ever stole from us, this is the year he will be giving it back, ALL of it.

When we decided to start house hunting we involved our kids from the get go, they saw the house and loved it saying that is the one. We prayed every night trusting God as a family and when we were told we got it, we were so excited and so happy. We told the kids that it is important to make your request known to God, pray about it and just trust God and his will. We also told them during this time that not everyone wants the best for them, not everyone will always be for them so sometimes they need to keep things to themselves and only reveal it once its done.

So to everyone that always thought we wouldn’t make it, that wished we wouldn’t make it, those who laughed at us when we were down, who found joy in our pain, the God we serve never ever sleeps and his timing is always perfect.

As the song says,
Yes theirs been tears sometimes, imprisoned by fear sometimes, sometimes it seems it was all taking and no giving but somehow we made it through those times. See theirs a time to cry then comes a time to live then comes a time to fly. Somehow we made it through those times.
Yes somehow our family made it through.

For a family that’s just lost their home or about to, take courage. Nothing lasts forever. You will make it.

So devil, I hope you ready. The Phillips family are coming for everything you ever took from us in 2019.
It’s our season and our time.nothing and no one will stop us.

No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

Be blessed.