With the first quarter of the year already past, what have you achieved that’s been on your do to list for 2019?

I must say for me, 2019 has already blown my mind. I was intentional when I said, I intend on setting 2019 on fire..

I started MCM in January 2019 and it has just blown up, moms are really enjoying it.

I also started moms spill the tea in March and that has allowed me to open up so much and I have moms interested in being apart of the journey.

I have also been featured on an International blog, I had a mom crush on me which blew me away.

I got a write an article for the first ever moms for moms online Summit on Facebook on the 27th March.

I am a brand Ambassador for 3 International companies and I am apart of the Global Influencers group.

Personally, God has just been so good to us. On the 1st April we moved into our home and we have been counting down the days and just really excited to be in our beautiful home. We were able to purchase furniture for our home. This is our haven, our home.

2nd quarter, I am ready. I celebrate my 35th birthday in the second quarter of 2019.

Looking forward to continue this momentum and looking forward to blowing my own mind.

#cheersto2019 #keepbuilding