MCM (Mom Crush Monday)


My name is Eve Slanders, I am a 43 year old, divorcee. Single mom to 3 kids and one grandchild. I am currently single on a journey to find my Boas. Originally from Eldorado Park, currently staying in Kliptown.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Hard-working, Supportive and

What has motherhood taught you? It has taught me to be extremely patient and understanding, I have raised 2 teenage girls and oh boy do they challenge you… My eldest is 21 and has an almost 3 year old baby…turning 3 in just 2 weeks. The middle one is 16 and very rebellious lol and my son is 10 years old he lives for soccer and has to be reminded there’s school too LOL

I realized that motherhood comes with great responsibility and would advise young girls to WAIT live first, discover yourself and only then will you be able to attempt this journey.

What has marriage or your relationship taught you?

Marriage has taught me to compromise and respect each other without these things it will never work. My last relationship has taught me to TRUST if we don’t trust we will not be able to build

What are some life lessons you have learnt?

Life has taught me that you can do whatever you set your mind to and that you determine your own happiness. No one will ever love you as much as your kids 😊Importanly, Love your parents as they will not always be around

Your biggest achievement as a woman? It would definitely be me studying and becoming extremely independent. I started studying late in my 30s and so many doors has opened for me, am currently heading for 2nd year doing my bcom. Optional (I know you said not as a mom)
Also, as a woman, my biggest achievement would definitely be, me raising my kids all on my own: I found myself age 26 with 2 kids and divorced- 21 years later we are all doing fine. God has truly been faithful, and we as women are capable of doing ANYTHING.

Any advice to other mom’s, wives and women?

Love yourselves first ladies, be selfish with what you share of yourselves. As wives don’t just give everything to kids and hubby, you will reach burn out and still won’t be as affective mom as u would like to be. Choose your circle, keep it small and choose wisely who you let in- not everyone you have in your life will celebrate and be happy for you.

If you could be any animal, which would it be? Lioness – she is independent, fierce, loyal, brave, strong, graceful and agile. She will do anything to protect her young and honours her king, she is selfless.

Which person in the bible do you mostly relate to? It’s not a lady but I relate to Job, he was a man close to Gods heart. I always say to people, I am Gods blue-eyed girl. He has carried me and favoured me so much, my whole life is a symbol of God’s love for me.

When I got married, I had a house and comfortable life. Yet after my divorce I found myself on streets all alone, no money and 2 kids same as when Job sat on the ashes, but God, took him to a new level. Turn from ashes to beauty. His latter was greater than the former

What are 2 things you are looking forward to in 2019? 2nd year Bcom and my daughter buying her 1st car

Ask your partner to describe you in 3 words? If you are single please ask a close family member or friend?

I asked my cousin and my niece to describe me in 3 words.

Unique, Supportive and Zestful

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