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Introduction: My name is Annie Bethany McConney. I am 36 years old from Alberton in Johannesburg, South Africa. I went to Glenview Primary and Bracken high. I have 3 kids Taylor 15 years old, Rylan 12 and Dwayne 9 years old. I am married to Randall McConney for 17 years and we are together 20 year.

3 words that describe me: Ambitious Courageous Caring  (love too hard)

Motherhood has thought me that no matter what, love hard, discipline with love, listen even to silly things, be patient, be postive, be kind, be strong, be protective, always be there for them. My job as a mother is the greatest honour.

What marriage has taught me is that you never stay angry, always talk about your feeling, listen to each other, support, be friends always. Never allow other people’s negative opinion come in between you two. Trust and know who your partner is.

Some life lessons I have learnt is, trust only in the Lord cause man can let you down, your life is a one chance so enjoy whatever you do and never let life challenges get you down always strive to be the best. If you fall or fail get up and do it another way till you get it right even if you fail 100 times. There is no such thing as I can’t.

My biggest achievement as a women would have to be my nail salon, my stationary company and having an online company which I run from home.

My advice to other moms would be, find time for yourself and tell your self every day you are beautiful, strong and that your kids are the image of the Lord’s work through you, so take time for you so that you can be the role model to your kids. My advice to wives would be you are a partner to your husband from God. He wants for you to love support and uplift your man everyday. Remind him how special he is and that he is a blessing to you. This makes them melt like butter and it will bring you closer. My advice to women would be, you are strong and there is nothing stopping you from being powerful to other people.

The animal I would love to be is a Bear. I have a tendency of biting off your head if you are wrong, I am very strong in personality, but I can be loving, cuddly and lazy if I want to be.

In 2019, I am looking forward to having Peace and no drama in my life (lol I will keep praying)

I asked my husband, Randall to describe me and he says Beautiful, Beautiful and Beautiful

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The McConney Family

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