Sometimes you need to just love and appreciate yourself.. I am my own #WCW

Most will see a picture but behind the picture is a story.

A story of woman who was once lost, hurt, broken, overwhelmed, disappointed, rejected, not accepted by her in laws, her kids not accepted by her in laws, faced the worse baby mama drama, spent a night in jail because of a jealous and vindictive baby mama, no support with her kids, had 4 kids in her 20’s, sometimes she felt like she couldn’t go on, sometimes she felt like it was too much, sometimes she would want to give up, most times she felt over weight, she questioned herself alot, she doubted herself, at some point she lost herself.
She would find herself waking up with tears and going to bed with tears.
She had to deal with being physically abused and always cried asking why? She had to deal with her partners addiction, she had to deal with pain and brokenness from his past, she had to help him through his own pain in the process raise 4 strong kids because she wouldn’t have it any other way.
She’s fell short many times, shes been hurt, shes hurt. She’s been disappointed and shes disappointed.
She is not perfect, she is flawed but what she has learnt is how you respond to life is your greatest victory. She choose to not give him, she choose to fight, she choose to learn, she choose to release people, she has chosen to over come, face her fears, grow and she has discovered an inner strength that she didn’t know existed. She found her voice. She found her inner lioness and best believe she has her roar and she is not about to let it go.
She has learnt that not all people are for you including family. She has learnt that sometimes being on your own is the best thing you can have. She has learnt to love herself unconditionally and fearlessly.
She loves her strengths and embraces her weaknesses. She has come to love her body with cellulite and stretch marks (Love Marks).
She has discovered her passion and she lives it everyday.

Today she stands strong as a woman, a wife and a mother of 4.

I am because Grace had me and Mercy refused to let me go.
The Newest Avenger
Daughter of the most high