Sentimental Value?

Do you have anything of sentimental value from your childhood?

I wish I had something from my childhood that I could show my kids and talk about the memories around it. That is something I would love my kids to have and to show their kids one day.

My kids all have something from when the were babies that they treasure. Our eldest son, Ethan has his very first Nike outfit we bought him, he must have been about 6 months at the time, thats something I would love to frame for him and hang it up in his bedroom.

Our second eldest, Micaiah is a huge Liverpool fan to a point where Monday – Saturday he only wears his liverpool kits the only day he doesnt is a Sunday but thats just for church because the minute we get home he changes into one of his kits. As a result he has his very first Liverpool kit which we bought when he was about 5 years old, Yes the man still wears it, as tight as it is he wears it. One day when it no longer fits him, I will frame it for him as well and hang it up. In 2018, he was the top student in Grade 4 for Cami, this is the maths subject at school, he received a trophy for his achievement and was also recognised for his maths in his Grade.

Our Zoe girls, she has 2 blankets and a pillow which stays on her bed, both she received when she was a baby, the blanket we bought for her the pillow was a gift from her aunt. I will keep these for her even after she leaves home.

Then our baby, Eden Zyon, our last born. She still has the only hat that fitted her at the hospital when she was born, she was so tiny. She also has a minnie mouse blanket we bought for her, we called her Miss Mouse because she loved Minnie Mouse and a friend bought her a beautiful hello kitty blanket for my baby shower which she loves to this day, this blanket stays on her bed, all year round, thats the blanket she goes for when shes cold. Lastly another favourite of hers, her granny bought her this blanket when she was born. This is another one that must stay on her bed, this is her winter favourite.

Because I dont have these and neither does Rob, its something we would love to give our children for when they older. They would always have good memories when they talk about these items. The kids also have certificates from school for academics as well as sports, these I will also keep for them.