How does a man think it is ok to violate a woman by raping her?

I truly believe men that rape women do not deserve the term human being, I see them as animals. Why not go buy a prostitue or shake it off if you must??

You are hurting a woman someones mother, a wife, a sister. You are breaking her inside, you are causing such great pain that she needs to carry with her for the rest of her life. But I guess you dont care because you are an animal.

Today I received news that someone close to me was raped at a taxi rank by a taxi driver. When I heard this it felt like someone stabbed me right through the heart, my soul was cracked wide open, the pain cut so deep. I could not stop crying. I could not hide the pain. Now that hurt me so much by just hearing the news imagine what the women, the mother must have felt in that moment of being violated. It truly breaks my heart.

If you know of anyone that has gone through this ordeal, please show them Love and Support. And just be kind to everyone that you know or that passes you, you never know what that person is carrying.

To every women that has gone through this ugly ordeal, we pray for you, we stand with you. You are not alone. Just know you are WORTHY, you are ENOUGH, you are LOVED, you are BEAUTIFUL. You deserve everything good this world has to offer.