Yay or Nay? Do your children have chores? Let me know?

I ask the question because some parents believe in it like me and others dont. I guess either way whichever works for you as a parent is what is important.

My kids all have chores around the house, the older they are the more chores you have around the house. The reason for this is, chores teaches our children responsibility in our home and it teaches them to respect what we in our home and to look after it.

This is a journey that will help them become complete adults. We need to ensure that they are able to fully take care of themselves when they get older or when they have their own homes one day.

Our kids chores:

Our sons, Ethan and Micaiah (aged 13 and 11). Both have the responsibility of washing up the dishes after supper every evening and over the weekends. They need to ensure their bedroom is kepty tidy when they are back from school weekdays as well as keeping their bedroom clean over the weekends. They need to take the dirt outside once it is full. Some weekends they wash our cars but if they do, they have an agreement with their dad that he would pay them for it.

Our daughters, Zoe and Eden (aged 9 and 6). These girls just wana do things around the house without us asking them, Our youngest Eden is always sweeping aroung the house and the the patio. The girls need to make sure the table is wipped after supper and the chairs are pushed in. Their room also needs to stay clean daily after school and the two of them have decided they want to take the laundry off the line and fold it for everyone. With the girls I love that they are so enthusiastic and helpful around our home.

Chores teaches my children something unexpected – Gratitude

It also helps them feel like they are apart of the team.. #teamphillips