Conversations with my kids!!

These are so important. Our kids should always know they can talk to us about anything. No matter how hard or uncomfortable it may be.

Conversations with Eden.

For those who are new, Eden is our youngest, she is 6 years old and started the 1st Grade this year. Wednesday evening while busy in my room, she walks in and throws herself on my bed and says, mommy you are so lucky. My response, why baby? She says because you are a mommy. I want to be a mommy, being 6 is difficult, I laughed and said baby being an adult is even more difficult. She says Gade 1 is alot, my brain gets so tired by the time 1st break comes. I think I should only go to school until 1st break. I say to her when she is a mommy she needs to work and take care of her family, she says thats easy, you do it so easy. She says I want a job like yours, drop off the kids at school and blog, I can do that. I said to her to just enjoy her journey, its an absolute joy to be 6 and carefree. She turns kisses me and says ok, I will try. but I need to blog about my life. Lol, You simply gotta love this girl.

Conversation with Micaiah.

Micaiah is our second eldest son, he is 11 years old and in the 5th grade. At the moment we are highschool hunting for our eldest son for 2020. His first choice is a really good school however Micaiah has decided it is not for him. He says to me, Mommy I have decided which high school I will be attending in 2022. I’m like, what do you mean? Aren’t you attending the same school as your brother? He turns and says no, I need to go to the high school you attended seeing that I take after you in Athletics, I think its just right that I continue the family name and remind them who we are. I giggled and said, Thank you for taking such pride in our name. He takes after his dad, they are extreamly competitive.